How to jail break my iPhone 4s? - 1

How to jail break my iPhone 4s?

You can jailbreak your iphone 4s with evasion, the newest and the best

1. Goto the mall
2. Goto the phone casr stands
3. Ask for jailbreak you're iphone
4. They'll jailbreak your iphone
5. Jailbroken

I hate to be "that" guy that, but if you literally typed that sentence into a google search bar, instead of go through the effort of posting a question and waiting for an answer that may or may not be correct, the first link would have been what you were looking for.

IClarified has great instructions on how to jailbreak iDevices for almost any firmware

1. Update your Phone to 6.1.
2. Backup your iPhone on your computer.
3. Download evasi0n.
4. Open Evasi0n.
5. Connect your iPhone.
6. Click ''Jailbreak''.
7. You're done! You should also change your root password to not get hacked while you're on wi-fi.