How to put my music onto my iphone 5?

I have music on my computer which I'd like to put onto my iphone 5, but how? There doesn't seem to be an option for this.

ITunes iCloud via USB charger

You need to download itunes and transfer you music into itunes. Your music should transfer automatically. Then you just sync your phone and there you go.

Download iTunes:
That is how you add music. You can also put discs in and import them.

Download and install iTunes.

when itunes is open copy your music (needs to be in mp3, WAV or AAC format) into iTunes.

plug in your iphone into the PCs USB socket via the charge lead and then go into itunes and press sync (or file>sync iPhone)

You didn't provide enough info. Presumably, you have itunes. Connect your phone, and drag the song to the phone. It isn't that complicated.

If your music is in MP3 or some format other than.aac, then open itunes, click "file", then "import" and pull it into itunes. Then highlight the songs, right click, and and select "convert to aac". Then drag the aac files onto your phone.

1.go onto itunes in your computer
2.go to the little square in the top left corner and click "Add File to Library" (if you have the newer version) if you have an older version ctrl+O will do.
3.choose the music you want to transfer to your iphone
4.plug your iphone into the computer with the usb cable will automatically sync and transfer the music to your iphone

ITunes. Download & use that.

I've tried all of those things and it says trying to copy 4-4 on does nothing plus I've added Apple music to my phone now we're my songs would be is the app

Also do you need internet to do a complete restore