How to remove iCloud from an iPhone?

So I had an iPhone 4S 32GB, and I didn't have iCloud, or the find my phone app. It was stolen, and I had no way of getting it back. Now that the iPhone 5 came out, I got the iPhone 4S, but is 16GB. (They stopped making bigger sizes) Now that I have a phone I took all precautions and added iCloud. Now that I look at it, I don't need iCloud so much as just the find my iPhone app. It takes up 5 GB, and I could use that for other apps, or videos. Is there a way to get rid of iCloud so I have zero storage/ back up on iCloud, and an extra 5GB capacity on my phone? I don't need it at all anymore. Thanks.

If you can hold till it shows an "x", try to delete in your setting on the computer. If that dosnt work then you can't delete it.

So first you tap and the iCloude but dont just tap it like you want to go on it put your finger on it and keep it like that until the apps start to shake. And when they starts to shake click on it and a litte X with pop out on a corner and click it and its erased. Then make them stop shake push the home button. Hope i helped

You can either delete your iCloud account or you can turn your iCloud backup off.
Here's how to do so.
Go to Settings on your iPhone.

Scroll down to iCloud.
Scroll to very bottom and click on Delete Account to delete the iCloud account.

Or if you want to just disable iCloud backup and backup manually to iTunes you can go to
Settings>iCloud>Storage&Backup>iCloud backup On[Off] to turn it off.

Hope this helps.

The only way I could think to is jailbreak your phone. This may sound scary but its simple and gives you complete power of your phone. All jailbreak does is void the warranty, bit once jailbroken you have 100% control of you phone. What people may not understand when you "buy" a phone the actual phone has more power than the owner. This explains force closes, random updates because the computer chip inside your phone tells your phone what to do and how to do it. So jailbreak your phone makes, you. The owner… The new phone's chip. How this helped.

To disable iCloud under iOS5 (iPhone, iPad):
From the HomeScreen tab go to:
Settings > General > iCloud
Move the slider button to turn it off.