How to reset my iphone passcode without a computer?

Just recently, i changed my iphone passcode and once i got back home from cheerleading, it wasnt working. I even spelled it as slow as i possibly could (i used the letter passcode) but it still didnt work. I tried over and over again but now it just says "iphone is disabled.connect to itunes" but i dont have a computer that i can use. Im freaking out because if i cant get in, im not able to reset or get a new one. Please help!

Turn it off, then hold power and home buttons until it goes into factory reset. You'll lose everything, but you'll still have a phone…


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you forgot your passcode and you can't restore your phone using the computer you last synced with, then you will have to force it into recovery mode and restore as a new device