How to return a lost iPhone?

I was on a flight yesterday. I was looking for a pen, so I reached in the seat pocket in front of me and I found an iPhone. I turned it on, and it had a picture of a family, so i would like to give it back. However, the phone is passcode protected and it is on airplane mode, so the guy can't track it on iCloud. I tried contacting the airline and the lost and found, but no luck. What should I do?

Take it to the nearest cellphone store and they may be able to go around the pass code and get into the phone to find out who it belongs to. Good samaritan:) A lot of people wouldn't even think to return an iphone… Need more ppl like u… Good luck on finding the owner:)

I would take it to an apple store and tell them that, if they can unlock it without wiping it, then call the number in it (dad, brother, etc) to tell them how to get a hold of you to get it back. Good karma to you:)

It is wise for you to try to return it. Because the previous owner may installed an anti-theft app on it ao that he or she can track the lost phone. As I know, many people apply anti-theft apps like Find My Phone or ilostfinder on their phones nowadays, check it out,
You may try to call the police for help.

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