How to switch my verizon iPhone to straight talk?

I just received my Verizon iPhone in the mail, is there anyway I can change it to straight talk right now?

Short answer: Verizon phones don't work on Straight Talk.

Longer answer:

Straight Talk offers service using a SIM card, but that only either works with their own phones, or with T-Mobile phones, or with unlocked GSM phones.

Obviously a Verizon phone isn't a Straight Talk or T-Mobile phone, and it's also not an unlocked GSM phone (the Verizon iPhone 4S *does* include GSM, and you can unlock it, but either way it's only active when the phone is outside the USA).

Straight Talk also offers service on *some* CDMA phones (the type that doesn't use SIM cards), but no phones from Verizon are on their list (and no 4G phones are supported either, so that would rule out the iPhone 5).