How to take a screenshot on snapchat for iPod/iPhone?

Everytime I try to screenshot by pressing home + sleep button, it goes back to the list of recent sending receiving. And when I go to my photos, it didn't take a picture of the image but just the recent sending receiving. What's up with that?

Click the minus button (top right corner) and the home button at the same time

I've been having the same issue. When you screenshot it and go to your pictures it just took a picture of the list of sent and received snapchats right?

I had the same issue what you want to do is open the the picture and keep it open and at the same time hold the power button for two seconds and then while holding it click the home button it doaent let you just click them both at the same time like it usually does

Yep, that totally works!

I know how to screenshot something, I just don't know how to screenshot a snapchat because you have to keep your finger on the screen to keep the picture there so if you try to screenshot the picture it won't work because you have to take your finger off the screen

Use one of your hands to keep the picture up, then use your other hand to hold down the power button for 2 seconds and press the home button. It most likely will work.