How to tell the difference between an 8gb iphone and 16gb iphone?

Is there a specific number that I need to look at to tell the difference? How do I know if the iphone is an 8gb or 16gb? Would I need to unscrew it? Also, the phone doesn't work so I dont know how to check it even if it operates. Thanks.

I'm pretty sure it says it on the box

Yes the difference is one is 8gb and the other is 16gb

You could try to plug it into your computer and when iTunes pops up it should tell you… Just out of curiosity if it doesn't work why do you need to know?

Also you can't "unscrew" an iPhone

On older iPhone models, i know that it says the capacity on the back. On the iPhone 4 and 4s however, they dont. They only way to tell is to go into SETTINGS and go ABOUT PHONE.

Run a level 1 diagnostic, give the task to Mr Data. Thank you Data.

It says it on the back of the iphone… In a box, in bold text

It says it on the box

none of the above is an answer. If you have a 5c phone in your hand where do you go to find out if it is an 8 or 16GB

Go to settings and look under "About" tells you Capacity and Available