How to Transfer My iPhone Playlists to iTunes?

When I sync, everything normally gets deleted, and iTunes is saying that if I sync it with my phone, 0.55 gigabytes of my phone's memory will be erased, so clearly that's not what I want. Is there any way to sync with the information on my iPhone having preference over my iTunes library, or maybe for iTunes to ask what to overwrite with what instead of automatically deleting everything?

Apple is pretty bad now a days. It happens a lot to me. Just don't sync. Its fine without it

Follow the steps given here on Apple support communities to get your iPhone synced to your new computer without data loss…

As I known the iTunes is not perfect, I've lost my data ever. My friend Jack told my that Leawo iTransfer could help me to shift and back up the data and even manage playlists. I think the soft will be also nice for you. You can google it. Hope to help you.