How to transfer photos from my PC to my iPhone 5c?

I've tried everything but it won't work.
Tried to sync using i phone but the pictures don't show up.i've tried to copy and paste into the camera album but that doesn't work either, any ideas?
i don't own a mac i own a HP



Plug your iPod into your computer, open the iPod folder go into pictures and all your photos are going to be there. Then minimize that on half the screen, open the photos in your library on your computer and minimize it to the other half if your screen. You can either drag on pic from you computer library to your iPod library; or you can right click on the photo you want, click copy, then place the cursor on the iPod library and right click again, and click paste.

Try third-party iPhone transfer, like Syncios. They can help you transfer music, photos, videos… Between pc and iPhone with ease. And Syncios id totally free, you can simply have a try. It should work. I am using it to do the job for months.

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer can help you. You can try.