How to transfer pictures from my laptop to my iPhone 4s?

I have windows, and I want to transfer a few pictures to my phone. Is there any way I can transfer them without downloading something?

Scratch your butt

You can email them to yourself from your laptop and retrieve them from your iPhone. Easy?

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Its a nightmare isn't it my friend has the same problem.

A quick way is to email them to yourself and open the email on your phone ta da!

Hope this helps

Well, you could buy a cord that you can attach to both, then like streamline the photos to your phone. Sorry, I don't know what they're called, but I bet they have them!

Plug your phone into your computer, open up itunes and go too your pictures copy paste your pics to your device in itunes.

Place your laptop on your Iphone then restart it load up Itunes and hit sync. If this does not work you may have one of those crazy laptops in which you must take out your sim card from your Iphone and place it in the CD drive or the SD card slot. I would try the SD slot first. Hope that helps.


There are a few ways to do it. You can use Itunes which you should have loaded on your computer for many reasons. It lets you move files as well as makes backups of your phone etc.

You could email the photos then save them, or upload them to a site and download them to your phone. This will use data from your plan unless you are using a wifi connection through a router.

Or you can use an app called bump, it's a great little app that lets you bump two devices together and transfer back and forth. You can even bump your phone to a pc using the bump site, and it works. It even lets you cross over operating systems. I bump my android to my apple devices all the time to move things.