How to unlink my iPhone from an Apple ID?

I just purchased the iPhone 5. I chose to reboot from an apple ID-- but apparently my genius ex linked a bunch of different apple id's to the old phone, so now the new phone is linked to those as well. Every time I click on settings I am asked to enter a bunch of passwords for accounts I didn't even know existed.

So my question is: Is there anyway to disassociate my phone with those old accounts?

Thank you!

You just have to go up too an Apple Store and get it reset. They plug it up and it takes a total of like ten minutes. :)

Not sure exactly what the problem is as the question is a little vague however, I think I understand what you're asking.

Linking a "bunch of different apple id's" is a pain in the ***! As I understand it (from your question), numerous Apps have been installed under different Id's (assuming that each time a new app was required, the password was forgotten and your "ex" just created a new account!)

Unfortunately, there is only 2 ways to fix this:

1. Reset the phone to factory settings and start from scratch - log in to the app store and it will list all apps associated with the apple id and just download them all again.
2. Everytime you try to use an App that asks for a password associated with a different ID - delete it and then re-install using your new ID.

The problem is that whatever ID was used to install the app originally is the ID that must be verified everytime you try to update or change it.

There is no easy way sorry!

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