How to upgrade early with Verizon?

Right now I've got a rooted DROID RAZR MAXX (Verizon) & I'm on a plan with my dad. I want to get the iPhone 5, but my contract isn't up till January 2014; I'm definitely not paying retail price for the iPhone to upgrade early.

The only thing that held me back from getting an iPhone 4S last year was knowing that the 5 was coming out not too long after that, so now I'm stuck with this.

1.) Could I get a Verizon compatible iPhone 5 off of Ebay & have it activated for free with Verizon?

2.) How else could I lucratively get the phone (besides wait of course)? My dad implied that its okay if I want to switch carriers.

Verizon usually does not allow upgrades early unless you pay full price for the device through them or if you get the device second hand, like through eBay.
Or you could switch to a different carrier, like Sprint or AT&T, sign a new contract with them, and get the iPhone 5 through them.