How to watch Netflix on TV with a MacBook Pro, iPhone 3gs, or Xbox 360?

When it comes to electronics, I am not the smartest cookie. I NEED Help.
I want to be able to watch Netflix on my TV.
I am willing to buy wires/cables but I don't know what all I need.

Currently I have a MacBook Pro 13inch (brand new), a jailbroken iPhone 3gs, and an Xbox 360. I do not have wifi myself, but the neighbors do:) tehehe. The main computer that has internet connection is all the way across the home, and there is no way of connecting it to the xbox. I do not have Xbox live. I don't care which one of these I have to use, but out of the 3 choices, something has to work, right? Some sort of wire/cable combination? There has to be an easy way that I can connect one of this things to my TV. Please please help:) all help is appreciated!

again, I'm probably the most computer stupid person you will meet, so baby steps would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)

Get an HMDI

What tv do you have? Check if it has hdmi port (usually hdtvs have at least 1). What you need to connect your macbook to the tv is an adapter which they call as apple mini display port to HDMI. Aside from this, you also need a hdmi cable.

I was asking what tv you have because for some tvs hdmi is not needed to connect the laptop to the tv. In my case, sometimes I connect my laptop to my tv using wifi. I got a lg smart 3d tv and as long as my external device shares the same home network with it I don't necessarily need a hdmi cable.