How to weigh yourself online?

We dont have scales and i know that there is a app where you stand on a piece of carboard and put your iphone or ipod next to it but i dont have any apple devices and really want to know my true weight! Help! Thank youxx

Its easy bro… Just go on and plug a dual end USB up your butt. It will even calculate you fat % and your body temperature. Good luck, it hurts a bit the first time! Lube is a plus!

In advance of anyone saying it - don't stand on your phone!

You're looking to find all the basic material components for scales but have the readout on your computer screen as a result of visiting a site on the internet so it is essentially a set of scales required somewhere along the line & it's connection to your body is something to do with your weight on a surface that will take the reading - how this isn't built in under your feet will be something of a mystery to most - but well, here it is

Ha ha. Of course not. Basic physics.

go find the scales in a chemist. And try to listen at school.