I accidentally deleted all my music on my iphone 5?

I was just going though my storage settings and I somehow ended up swiping over on my music icon and deleting all my songs. When I look at my iTunes downloads nothing's there. Please help!

Did you sync your music onto your computer? If so just plug it in and it'll do the rest. If not, if you have like an iPod with music on you could sync it with that? But other than that I'm not sure

There is no way your purchase history is not going to be on your account. Unless of course those purchases were done on a different account.

Sync the songs back over from iTunes or re-download them.

It should be in the cloud. Contact apple about it. If you purchased it through iTunes then it should be there. You should just pirate music. I don't think music's worth paying for. IPhone noobs…

Best solution is, kill yourself.