I accidentally restored my iPhone 4?

I accidentally restored my iPhone 4 and I lost all of my contacts and messages. My iPhone now has the layout of my old iPod with the wallpaper and everything. Is there a way I can get my old phone back or at least my contacts? I want my iPhone back, not my iPod. I can still make calls on it but I want the old layout back and my contacts. Is there anything I can do?

If you synced it prior to accidentally restoring it you should b able to get it all back

If you backed it up you can restore it

You should be able to get everything back if your phone is backed up. If that does not work, try syncing it to your iTunes. By the way you should also be signed into your apple id. And if none of that works bring it to your carriers store or bring it to the genius bar.

Unfortunately if you restored it, everything from your old iphone layout is probably lost.

And I've noticed several other answers say if you've backed up your iPhone onto iTunes, then you can redownload your apps, contacts, etc. But not the format or the wallpaper I don't think.

Another problem is that even if you redownload the apps you ll have to restart everything like games etc as if you've never played it before.

I think your iPhone has your iPod's layout because you backed up your iPod and synce your phone with it.

If you synced your iPhone to iTunes before you restored it you'll easily be able to get everything back. But if you haven't you won't be able to get everything back.

1) Plug your iPhone into iTunes
2) Go to your iPhone in the Devices tab
3) Click on the Restore option
4) Click on the last restore point that is listed and all that current information from that last restore will get transferred onto your iPhone

As a matter of fact, every time you sync data between iPhone and iTunes, all previous data will be automatically backed up by iTunes and stored as a.sqlitedb file, which will be updated along with the later sync continuously.
So, only if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes before, you are able to restore your missing contacts and messages. But those backup files can't be viewed or taken out unless you use some software using special algorithms to extract. A third party specific iPhone data recovery software called Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery can help. I used it to recover deleted contacts from iPhone 4s and it worked.