I can't sync my iPhone 5 to iTunes? It says it can't be found?

When I first got my iPhone 5 I was able to sync it and get all my iPod music to my phone. Today I tried to get new music and sync my photos but when my phone is plugged in and I press sync, it says it is unable to sync because my iPhone can't be found. What does that mean? How can I fix it? Thanks! Oh and I have a Macbook Pro if that matters, and the newest version of iTunes.

This had happened to me once. Did you install anything new on your iPhone or JB it? If so, that could be the issue. Even if it's not, can you backup the last backup from iCloud on your iPhone? (don't have an iPhone 5 so idk if they support that anymore but I'd assume so since it was veeeryyyy useful). That should hopefully fix it. If even then you can't, I would suggest trying a new USB Port, Computer, or just get a new cord. Make sure the USB is fully plugged in too (dumb answer but sometimes it happens.) Hopefully this helps:) If all else fails, I would use the warranty to get it replaced/fixed if you can.