I can't unlock my iphone on ios 7?

I have the ios7 upgrade and i can't unlock my phone because i made my passcode a special character. When i slide my finger up to type the ł symbol, it won't let me because the whole lockscreen slides when i move my finger. Is there any way to just get into my iphone and change my password? I tried using siri but it was no help. Please help, i cant use my phone until then.

Added (1). Yes, ios7 is out and yes i do have it.

IOS 7 isn't out.

You have the beta version… Same pinch bro! See… What you need to do is restore your iphone… But if you want your data then back it up!

Hence why it is currently called a Beta. There will be bugs & it seems this is one of them. You may have to restore to try to regain access.