I downloaded IOS 7 and was happy with everything until i saw my music. Prior to IOS 7 i had deleted some songs and now they have came back to my iPhone 4s. They have a picture of a cloud and a red arrow through it which i assume means icloud beside the song. So in clicked it and the song downloaded and now i can slide to the left and delete the song but when i do it comes back with the cloud and arrows again. The song plays with the cloud picture too. I really want those songs gone without deleting my other songs. If i delete my icloud account would that be bad or do you think it would help? Please help!

Go into settings, itunes, select show/hide purchased apps and songs. That stops it if you hide it

They should show up with a download icon next to them to show they are not actually on your phone.

if you havent re-downloaded the song, this mode can be removed by going to settings > music > show all music mode is by default on - switch this off. This will them show just music that has been downloaded to the device - not what is sitting in your whole purchase history.

actually deleting a song is now what i have to try and figure out!