I dropped my iPhone in the sink?

I dropped my iPhone in the sink while i was washing dishes, but i picked it back up and dried it. When i played the movie i was watching again, there was no sound. The only sound that was coming out is when i talk on the phone or when the alarm goes off. Can someone help me!

There are several solutions first, there's the home remedy put it in a bowl with Rick and saltine crackers for 24 hour.second take it to a cell phone repair shop they can revive it but regardless don't turn the phone on until 24- hours have passed

You should've taken out the sim and bury it in dry rice for 48 hours

You can turn it off put the phone in a bowl filled with uncooked rice to adsorb the liquid and wipe it or you can use the headphones that came with your device, Last resort is take it to Apple store, genious bar.

Send it in to iResQ. They will repair your water damaged phone for a price.


They are really reliable too. Just follow the prompts.

Go out and find 99% pure alcohol. It's pretty tough to come across but not impossible. Do not give up and buy the 70% stuff.

Rice isn't the best fix. People seem to believe that is acts like a magnet, drawing the water out of the small crevices inside your phone. If you've got days, gravity will draw the water downward and some will also evaporate.

Take the battery out and SIM card out. Disassemble as much as you are comfortable with. Find a container larger and deeper than your phone. Submerge the phone in the alcohol for 5-10min. The alcohol will displace all the water in your phone. Let dry overnight or for the remainder of the day. No need to then put it in rice, this stuff dries EXTREMELY fast.

You may cause irreversible damage by turning the phone on before it is completely dry. Water on the PCB board could short out one or several vital pieces. If using the rice, gravity, and evaporation method, prepare to be disconnected from your world for no less than 1-2 days.