I've lost my iphone 4, does the find my iphone app really work?

I've lost my iphone 4 and it has the find my iphone app, i was wondering if the app really work? Even if the app is deleted from my iphone, can i still locate it?

There's an app called plan B. It's for people who don't have the location app installed. I'm not sure how it works but I've heard really good things about it. I think it's worth looking into

Set up a new one
Find my phone you to got all the details you should find it

Yes it does really work. But! If someone has found the phone and turned it off you will not be able to locate it. Even if you dont have the app on your phone as long as you have the same apple ID in the phone it will work.

Just go to https://www.icloud.com/ in your web browser. When you log in, Find My iPhone/iPad will immediately begin trying to locate your device.
If you have not done that or it is deleted, applying some anti-thief app like ilostfinder is a wise choice.

It will take pictures of the thief when she/he tries to open your device and then send those pictures to your email.


You may get it back or at least prevent the thief next time with the app.

Here are some other tips from experts about protecting your iPhone from theft:
1. Create a well-organized record of all the necessary details and information related to your mobile. Such as IMEI numbers, Pin Code.
2. Grab the phone on your hand when you go on mass transit or walk around.
3. Pocket your phone after sitting around using your phone for a while. And keep mindful of who is around you.
4. Lock your phone using Security Lock Code or PIN feature.
Learn more at http://www.thebluedot.net/blog/2012/03/19/anti-theft-cell-phone-tips/

Hope it helps.

If you deleted the app, your iphone is long gone. LOL

Hi. If you do have that special app for loosing the iphone, then yes it should work in detecting where the phone is

It depends if location services was on. If it was completely turned off then no, you can't get it back sadly. As long as the find my iphone location service is on, that's all that matters. I hope you had a pass code on it or someone can steal it pretty easily. Just go on another apple device or something that can use the "Find my iPhone" and punch in your apple ID (email) and your apple password then just search for it! You can also lock it, etc.etc.

If you're lucky, you can try calling it and seeing if maybe a nice guy got it and will return it. ;)

Try some cell spy tracker apps like spybuble: