I want ios 7 but dont have enough storage to download it?

So i have been trying to download ios 7 onto my iPhone 4. The update requires 3.7 GB of storage. I did not have enough storage to download this update, so I tried to delete things to make more room for it to download, so i downloaded everything on to my laptop: pictures, and music, and started to delete things on my IPhone. I had 333 pictures, now i have 99. I had some music but i deleted it for now, and im planning on getting it back from ITunes. I deleted all my apps, but can get them back easily from the app store. Then i turned off my phone, turned it back on, went to settings, and had 2.9 GB available. Now i need 819.2 MG to have 3.7 GB available. Is there anything else (besides pictures) that i could delete from my IPhone to have 3.7 GB available to download the ios 7 software update? Thanks.

Hi ios7 is really not recommended for iphone 4. Its ok for iphone 5 and later devices. I have it on my ipad mini.