If I buy an unlocked iPhone, can I use it abroad?

I'm going to be studying in Ireland this coming fall semester and I'm trying to decide the best plan for staying connected while there. The best idea, so far, that I've com across is buying an unlocked iPhone while I'm still in the US and then buying an Irish sim card once I'm there. Is that legit? Do you have any other, better, ideas for staying connected? I know I will be getting skype, but I'm thinking about when I'm not in my apartment with access to a computer.

Yes but check out iphoneadmin.com it will give the info you need for this process try it out its free too

I advise you to not visit the link from the above user, it is spam.

Anyway, i have an unlocked iPhone bought directly from apple and i stayed in Israel for a month and did exactly what you did and had absolutely no problem using it, as long as it is legitly unlocked from apple when you bought it, you will be fine as it is a global GSM phone.

That's the point of a unlocked phone. So yes that is very much possible

Yes you can without any problem.

Get the factory-unlocked iPhone and use it with any GSM carrier worldwide. Why would you think that's illegal? If you need factory-unlocked iPhone at reasonable price, mail me to yonoulee@gmx.com