Instagram account disabled!

I have an instagram account and I do not post any pictures at all, in fact I only posted 6 pictures in about 6 months. I also don't post nudes, obviously. One day I tried signing into my account on my iPhone and it said "Your account has been disabled due to terms of service violations" I then downloaded the app on my iPod and signed in, and it worked. Now my friends can't even sign in on my phone, I can't create a new account on my phone, I can't do anything! I deleted the app and re-installed it. I restarted my phone and then re-installed it. I signed into my friends Apple ID account and re-installed it but nothing would work! I tried everything I could think of, anymore suggestions! Much help needed! :/

Just use… Its Instagram, but just on the regular Internet. You sign in with your regular Instagram username and password

If you are using iOS6 then reset the twitter account in Settings.

If you restore your phone and install it again it will work