IO6 update iPhone 4 wont turn on!

I woke up and my phone wouldn't turn on! I knew it was fully charged but when I plugged it in it came onto an IO6 page then said connect to iTunes. As soon as I disconnected it from charge it immediately turned off and when I plugged it into iTunes it keeps flashing to the apple logo then turning off and repeating. My computer is not picking up my phone because it will not turn on.


Thank you!

Just wait and it will get back to normal

You have to set it in recovery mode and restore yore device.

here is how to set to recovery mode: http: //

after it is in recovery mode itunes will detect it.
Hope this helps

Btw is did you jailbreak your phone?

Just restart your phone and wait it will be ok, there is, must be some virus already in yoru phone by installig low quality apps