Ios 7 beta shut my iphone down!

So, I downloaded the free version of iOS 7 beta on my iPhone 4 and it worked perfectly for a few weeks. Then just out of the blue, my phone wouldn't turn on or anything! It wont even charge or be recognized in my computer! Please help!

I am learning to develop iphone ios 7 beta and you need to make sure the thing was for your ios device and if it was put the phone in dfu mode which means you hold down the powerbutton and the home button at the sametime till it starts your phone up or it says connect to itunes if that doesnt work your screwed.
Did my tips help
if so I will make a tech show on youtube.

Perhaps you didn't get your UDID registered? This is what can happen if you try to bypass it. You need to register your UDID on's only $5 and you don't have to worry about problems like this.

Can you put your device into recovery mode? Then you can downgrade to iOS 6, find your UDID and register it, then go back to iOS 7.