IOS 7 Installation Problems?

So I downloaded iOS 7 from this website:… And it worked for my iPhone 4. Then, I tried to download and install iOS 7 for my iPod Touch 5th Generation. I got the.ipsw file on my desktop, then right-clicked software update in iTunes and selected the.ipsw file and clicked "Install". Then, a pop-up message came up saying, "This device could not be updated because it isn't eligible for the requested build." I made sure that it was the correct file for my iPod touch and it still wouldn't work. I restarted my computer a couple of times and even tried installing an earlier beta of iOS 7, which again led me to the same pop-up message.

If anybody could just give me some tech advice as to how I would install this iOS onto my iPod, that'd be great. Please don't give me the, "Just wait for it to come out to the public," speech.

Thank you.

You won't be able to install iOS 7 unless you register your device's UDID with a developer account through a site like's $5, then you also don't need to worry about Apple disabling your device for running unreleased software.