IOS 7 update iMessage won't work?

My iMessage on my iPhone 4S won't work after I updated it to ios 7.
It says "waiting for activation" and when I go to log into my iTunes account, it simply won't work. Any ideas?

Wish I knew.

I can't even get mine to download over itunes. Monitoring your question to see if anyone else has suggestions.

Good luck.

Go to settings >messages >send & receive, tap your Apple ID and select sign out. Worked for me.

Conmect to wifi. Turn off both imessage and facetime. Change your wifi DNS to, then turn them back on one at a time. Worked like a charm. Once they're activated, clear the edited dns. Hope this works

Darryl's just worked for me ;-)

Daryl I don't have the send and receive option. Says waiting for activation. Asks me to login with Apple ID. I try and it fails. Help!

I restored a backup through iTunes and iMessage is now working. Good luck

Exactly what mine is doing… Nothing is working

Help mine doesn't work either and i don't have the send and receive button

Starting to wish i never bothered updating it now!

I updated my phone to iOS 7 yesterday and my iMessage hadn't worked until just a few minutes ago! Restore your iphone with the information backed up onto iTunes of iCloud, and you should be fine! I was so frustrated too, but mine now works!

I just turned iMessage off then on again and it sat at the Waiting to Activate for a minute then started working.

I had to go to the apple store today to fix the same problem. They had to reset all content and setting. It didn't work at first, but after two hours it finally activated. Lol I was so scared at first I thought I did something wrong when i downloaded it! So what i would do is back up your phone to your computer, then erase everything. It should activate after a few hours.

Do you have to have a WiFi connection for iMessage to work? I have an iPhone 5, with the old iOS I didn't need to be connected to WiFi. Now I can't get iMessage to work at all since I update to iOS 7.