IPhone 4 how to tell if it's been hacked and what to look for?

How can I tell if someone is hacking my iPhone 4. And what to look for

Well first of all, it's difficult or impossible to hack an iPhone unless it's jailbroken. So you DO NOT want a jailbroken phone. The most obvious signs that your phone is jailbroken are that it has an app called Cydia, and/or the startup screen when it powers on instead of showing just a plain Apple logo, shows a weird logo and non-apple-related text.

If your phone is jailbroken, restore it in iTunes to undo the jailbreak.

Beyond that, all you can do is check your iPhone for apps that you didn't install, and remove them.

Once you have a non-jailbroken iPhone, and only apps you installed, it's 99.99999% certain that it's not hacked.

I do not think that your iPhone 4 will get hacked, this is very unlikely. If you are concerned about it being hacked, make sure that you have a password on it that is not likely to be guessed, and keep it up to date. If you think it is hacked, then try backing it up and then do a restore. I really don't know what to tell you to look for as I have never heard of an iPhone being hacked before by anyone other then the person using it (jailbreaking it)

If jailbroken and you install anything on it, then thats something you should be doing, you are asking for trouble. If you install through the app store then all code is reviewed before entering the appstore, its very safe…