Iphone 4 locked says connect to Itunes?

I changed the passcode on my phone at night and forgot it in the morning. I tried too many times and I am locked out. I have never connected it to itunes before but I am logged into my apple account on my phone. When I connected it to my computer and logged on itunes it said I have to unlock my phone but this is not possible. How do I reset it and would all of my texts and pictures be deleted?

This happened to me before i tried everything i was told to ring apple i wouldnt bother id go to the local phone unlocking shop and pay to have it done will save you hassle

You can reset your phone to factory settings by holding the home and power button down at the same time until you see your phone rest. Sadly everything would be lose. If you want to keep your stuff either go to apple, your phone provider or somewhere that unlocks phones.

This is easy, what you did is put your iPhone in restoration mode. So you have to restore it. If you don't want to lose everything on it make a back up of it, which is easy. You do in fact "Connect it to iTunes". After you back it up restore it, and at some point it will give you and option to set it up as a new iPhone, or Restore from backup Choose the backup you made. After that your iPhone should be good as new (:!

I keep pressing and holding the home and power button until the screen goes black. But every time I turn it back on it is still locked. How long does it take to reset it?

this don't WORK!

my phone says to go to itunes to unlock it but idk how to do that and would my pictures and messaging be saved