IPhone 4 stuck in recovery mode after iOS 7 update?

So I updated my phone last night by going through settings on my phone (not through itunes) to iOS 7, the updated went through, but as my phone rebooted itself it went into recovery mode? I have an itunes sign and usb on my phone, I've tried everything to get it to turn on, I tried to restore my phone on itunes, but as it gets to the last part of restoring, it comes up with a pop up on my computer saying something like "session timed out try again", can anyone shed any light on this? I need my phone asap, 10 points to the best answer

It sounds like you updated via Wi-Fi, correct? That is the worst way to do so on a release such as this.

You will have to turn off all of your computers firewalls including the Window firewall if you're running a PC. Then run recovery mode: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808