Iphone 4s 16GB or iphone 4s 32gb?

Im going to be getting an iphone soon, and im wondering which one i should get. The 16gb is going to set me 200 dollars back, but for 100 dollars more i get twice the space. I currently have a 32 gb ipod i will be tradeing in so im wondering if i should just pay the extra 100 to get the same capacity.

My 32gb ipod is useing 8 of the 28gb of space. I feel that haveing 8 of 12 gb is cutting it close especcially because i'm purchaseing more music at least once a week.

Im looking for others opinions on this because i dont want to run out of space amd be SOL until i get another ipod wich to me, defeats the purpose of getting an iphone.

Any input will be appreciated thanks for your time if youve read all this and sorry if i made any typos.

Kinnda hard to read lol. But i suggest you get the 32model. Since iphones have unremoveable storage your music and apps "fight" for space in your storage. The more the better. :)

If you HAVE to, go for the 16GB. But in my opinion, I would go for the 32GB. Just my opinion.

I have the 32gb and utilize most of the space (I think I have like 5gb remaining). I take a ton of pictures (at least 2000 on my phone) and have a fair amount of music (at least 1500 songs). I also have quite a few apps. I like having the extra space, but in reality, I could manage with a 16gb. I could easily put all the photos on my computer and that would free up at least 8gb. Overall, if the extra $100 isn't an issue at the moment for you, I would probably recommend getting the 32gb since you can't use a micro sd card for more memory. I could deal with a 16gb, but I would always be afraid of the day when I go to put a new song on and it tells me the phone is full. Better to be safe than sorry!

32GB. Simply put. Better to have too much space than too little.

You might want to be thinking about the iPhone 5 coming out soon… Just a heads up, because I think you should wait.

But if you still want the iPhone 4S then I think you should get the 16gb because music doesn't really take up that much space and unless you have hardcore apps running, the apps shouldn't either. Plus, you only use 8gb of the 28gb space provided… Why so much wasted space? Don't throw away your money like that, because I have a 32gb iPad and i barely used 16gb… It's such a waste in my opinion because I downloaded a crap load of music to purposely fill it up and it's still not filled.

HOWEVER, if you record lots of videos, then get the 32gb because video takes A LOT of space… And I mean it. A LOT!

depends on what you want though… If you want to feel safe and not have to worry about storage space, then get a 32gb. If you want to save money, then get the 16gb.

I personally worry about NOT filling up the space because I like to get the best for my money… So 16gb is enough for me.

good luck.