IPhone 4S can t connect to wifi?

So this morning my iPhone 4S on iOS 6.0.1 said "unable to join the network ".It can see the network available, but when I try to actually connect, it gives me that message. I don't get it, my iPhone was working perfectly fine with the wifi yesterday, and my computer still works perfectly with it right now, so the only possible problem here is my iPhone, but I can't find out what exactly to do. Can anyone tell me what I can do to get my iPhone to work with the wifi again? Thanks to anyone that helps.

Go to the settings option, and then wifi, the name will come up click on it it'll say unable to join, then click the arrow on the right hand side. Scroll down and click forget this network, then go back and wait for the wifi to become detectable, sometime you have to turn the wifi on and off but then click on the wifi name and renter the password which then should work if not go to the arrow again and keep pressing "Renew lease" and then repeat these steps if you have too

Thank you so much!

Thanks. Worked first time.

same problem but I can't see the arrow on the right hand side, any advice?

Yeah but mine is doing the Same thing but now won't let me use my pw

thank you so much. I've been going crazy since last nite with this problem. As soon as I did the 'forget network' I was able to add my password & my phone is now connected to my wifi.

My iPhone was working fine last night now i can't log into anything. It's stating can't find connection there is a i with circle around it