IPhone 4s or iPhone5? Which is better?

I'm eligible to get my upgrade and I've been dying to get an iPhone but I'm stuck between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. While doing my research, the two aren't that much different but I'm just wondering what would be the better buy & quality persay? I'm just really indecisive about this!

Iphone 5

Iphone 4s is a lot cheaper

thats what i have

Iphone 5 is better but there no much difference between both

Iphone 5 is latest iphone.
but Iphone 4s actually worth more, since iphone 5 is newer it is much expensive,
If you want a better iphone in better price than go for 4s but if you want to be up-to-date and want latest then iphone 5 should be your choice!
Iphone 5 pros:
bigger screen,
slimmer but taller form factor.
better camera.
faster processor.
better multitaskting.
much better overall performance.
Iphone 4s pros:
Cheaper thus worth the money more.
no bugs like iphone 5 map bug and heavy data usage problem.
trusted and tested.

Let it be, and buy the best smartphone galaxys3Quadprocessor
Strong 2100mah batterry
Super Amoled H D
Android and larger screen
8MP supreme Camera
And battery change simply.
Navigation top, not apple like.

Cheaper price, all things firstclass.

Definitely the 4s (one thats not on ios6) you wont have to deal with ios6 which has issues with siri and maps