IPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?


I would always go with Samsung over Apple, so many more features and better quality.
The galaxy series have bee very good as well, so i'd definitely say go with Samsung

Iphone 4s for sure.
Much better than Samsung phones

The iPhone 4s by far! IPhones are really big and Apple is the best company in the world! IPhones are simple and ready to use plus it's the best phone ever!
I hope you choose Apple over Samsung

This is personal preference try phones 4 you to have a look at both in your hand, also the s3 mini isn't as good as the proper s3 have a look at both s3, personally I prefer android over apple due to android been much easier to share files like photos or music, also a lot more free stuff on android. Apple may feel a little better quality and as I said its all your own preference don't go with one because someone else says too

Ever since i get my samsung s3 mini, i fell in love with it but if you are a guy i would suggest you get samsung galaxy s3 as mini is a phone that suitable small hands like me.

Samsung s3 mini or even better galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Why? Because this phone has been released very recently 2012/2013. This phone runs on the Android OS, which is a VERY GOOD THING, AS IT IS OPEN SOURCE. I. E. ALLOWS YOU TO CUSTOMIZE AND GIVES YOU THAT FREEDOM THAT THE iOS DOESN'T. In addition to this, the hardware beats the iPhone 4S, and as with most of these iPhones I don't see much development going on. What's the difference between the iPhone 4S & the iPhone 5? The connector pin is different, the OS is crappier and there is even a crap mapping app which was later replaced by Google's Maps.

In my opinion, Samsung have come a long way and I think the S3 mini would be a good phone

I prefer iPhone 4s! Ss is too big for me.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

IPhone 4S!

Go for samsung galaxy S3… Its is good phone.

Look forward to the correct answer

I think iphone 4s