IPhone 4s screen black and power button broken.

My iPhone has went fully black and won't turn on again. I know that to turn it back on you need to hold down the power and home button, but my power button is broken and I have been using assertive touch as a substitute for the power button. Does anyone know how to turn on my iPhone without using the power button?

Btw I have already tried plugging it in the the computer and into the wall.

The best bet is to allow the battery to drain completely. Once that is done, you can plug it back up and it should start automatically after about 120 seconds. Even though the phone is turned off, it is still slowly losing juice. You may need to leave it over night.

A better solution though, would be to fix the power button, which isn't as difficult as you may think. Check on Craigslist for your local iphone repair person working out of their home, and they can fix it for you for really cheap. Then you don't have to worry with this anymore.