IPhone 4S sound bar keeps disappearing?

Lately, my iPhone's been being an *** wipe and the volume bar keeps disappearing with my earphones on and the speakers completely disappeared as well. It started yesterday, all of a sudden, my phone's volume slider disappeared and I couldn't hear anything without the earphones. That was fine. Today however, the sound started to spontaneously dissappear and reappear. It's been an *** and now I have to plug my earphones in and out continuously for me to hear sound and I am fed up.

I restored my phone, I dried my phone, I restarted my phone multiple times, it's so irritating. All I want is to listen to my music without it being an irritating butt hole and I really just want to listen to my music

I have had the exact same problem. It actually thinks it is connected to a dock of some sort- causing the sound bar to go away. All you need to do is get a paper clip or something of that nature and clean all the crud out of the charge port. After you clean it thoroughly, it should not happen anymore.

Um the cleaning port thing works