Iphone 4s white screen? Wont turn on?

A week ago my phone would just turn off and restart, it was usually when it was plugged into the car when i was charging and playing music.
i assumed it was just doing too much.

sometimes it would just turn white and i would reset it and it would work fine

today it just turned off and everytime i tried turning it on it would display a white screen.
is there any way to fix it?
i restored it to factory settings a few days ago but it isn't working.
im trying a restore now but is there anything else i can do?

Added (1). I didnt drop it.

when i hold all buttons the screen lights up black, you can see its on and then when i release a button the screen goes white.

Did you drop it? The same thing happened to my iPod touch. My only savior was that there was voice over.

You need to hold all buttons down includind side butttons

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I had the same problem - held down all the buttons like Dia suggested and it restarted