Iphone 4s wifi and internet broken?

So my wifi has been broken for a while, but since ive already replaced my 4s twice and just happened to be up for an upgrade, I figured Id just wait it out. I didnt mind not having wifi since I have unlimited data and dont use it much. But now i cant access any internet connection at all.cant open safari, cant open facebook, cant even check emails. Called the sprint customer service, she couldnt figure it out(she was with me for about an hour) so i went to the store and that lady spent another 45 minutes doing everything i had already done to try and fix it. And of course, to no avail. So i went to apple, and of course they couldnt help me, in fact they said it was a 'user error' and wouldnt replace it. So I ended up upgrading early to a Galaxy(and so far, i have absolutely no complaints) but want to turn my phone straight back to factory settings and clear all data and information from it.

The problem, however, is i cant clear the 'wheres my iphone' thing in icloud because i cant access the internet and my wifi is already broken.

Does anyone know how to bypass that and do a hard reset? Or do i need to go back to apple and have one of their 'geniuses' do it?

Haha mines working and yours isnt!

Don't worry about it. Turn the phone in. Here's a question, why didn't Sprint just replace the iPhone?