Iphone 4s wont find wifi anymore?

I bought an Iphone 4s a year ago and as soon as i got it it connected to my home wifi and i used it and it worked just fine until last week i noticed that i wasnt on my wifi anymore and i looked and i cant find it on my phone at all i tried typing it in and it didnt work i reset network setting twice and didnt work i turned my phone off and wifi off and didnt work i reset my router and that didnt work but laptops and friends iphone 4s can still get on it.whats wrong with mine? And id prefer not to reset my whole phone.

Mine did this as well yesterday. I have yet to find out either.

Could be a hardware problem with your network adapter. Back your device up and make an appointment at your nearest apple store/genius bar, bearing in mind they are likely gonna wipe your device anyways.

Maybe cellular data is on