IPhone 4s worth buying in 2013 or 5c?

Not 5s! 5c please say why! Thanks

5C because its better hardware, but 4S is now free on contract.

5c will be faster and run alot faster and smoother. I havent heard too much about it thought but i gather you wouldnt miss out on anything regarding software/iOS if you opted for the 4s as i believe it has siri

I think 4s is worth buying, my brother have this and it works perfectly fine. The iPhone 5C is a budget-level phone that could probably cater to the masses who are seeking for an iPhone that's cheaper.

If you haven't seen anything outside iWorld then proceed for iPhone 5c.
as it is new and better in features than iPhone 4s.

The 4C is going to be a legacy device by 2016 and obsolete. When IOS7 comes out anything after the 4 will be incompatible with and the 4S will follow.

Well the 5c cause down the line it would get iOS updates longer & is basically in terms of specs an iPhone 5 which is better than the 4S.