Iphone 5 4G Lte not working?

Ok so i just got the I phone 5 yesterday on contract, which should have 4G. However it only says 3G at the top and when i go onto settings, in the cellular data it says enable 3G which is turned on. Iv looked on the internet and this should say enable Lte, or at least that's what other peoples I phone 5's. Why does mine say enable 5G and how can i fix this, if there is indeed something to be fixed.

Not all areas in the world have sufficient 4G connection yet. Give it time and almost everywhere will have it.

I think you may be misunderstanding what your seeing, the 5g is not out in the market place yet. They are not able to offer it yet.

Your iphone is a 4g if it's the iphone 5 but your carrier may not have the capability of it at this time and your sim card is set up to reflect what your carrier has. Thus the 3g connection.

4g is new to iphones, it only came out with the iphone 5. The Samsung Galaxy has has 4g for a long time. Iphones are starting to catch up with it now as far as that option is concerned.

Read your manual that came with your phone it will tell you what everything means and where it is.

It is ONLY or soon to be "EE" Orange / TMobile
if you are in the UK and NOT EE, 4G LTE wont be available until 2013 year not time

4G LTE Capable phone when 4G LTE is available here is the above better stated

Even if you are in an area with 4g you will not get it unless you have the appropriate 4g contract and it is NOT cheap.

Why does my I phone not work I have LTE and it doesn't want to work