IPhone 5 case - LifeProof or Otterbox?

So, I need to buy one of them because I just got my new iphone 5 and will probably drop it 100 times. From what I see, the LifeProof is $79.99, is rubber, thinner than Otterbox and waterproof. Otterbox is hard plastic and $59.99. Not sure I want the extra bulk of Otterbox instead of thinner LifeProof. Anyone use either of these? Are there any more pros or cons to each? I read for LifeProof it can be difficult to use the touchscreen, is that true? Also, I bought one of the privacy screens, you know, where its tinted and unless your looking almost straight on you can't see anything on it, well, can I still use that? Also, I'm not worried about dropping the phone in water so do I really need the waterproof? Is it better for rain? Thank you for all help from anyone who has used either or both of these!

I have had both cases and I'de go lifeproof for sure. Probably the best case I've ever had. If you're afraid your iPhone will be dropped from a 10 story building and ran over by a truck get the otter box. If you want great protection and a WATERPROOF case then get the lifeproof. The otter box isn't waterproof at all in case you didn't know that. And lifeproof is. I even dropped my lifeproofed iPhone into my toilet for a few seconds it was perfectly fine. Both great cases but I'de go with the lifeproof, it's more practical and overall a better value for the money,

I used both for my iPhone 4, same thing different size you know the deal. I loved my LifeProof case. I took it swimming, accidently dropped it in puddles, on the ground my phone has been through hell and back with that case on it and it was still in nearly perfect condition. Its thiner then OtterBox, lighter, and offers more protection. I too thought i would not need the waterproof ability. I was wrong. The day after i got it, it poured while i was playing soccer and a buddy of mine who had an otter had to get a new phone due to water damage. I was perfectly fine.

the lifeproof touch screen may be slightly more difficult to use, but in the long run its worth it. And i used it with another screen protecter on the phone and it still worked fine.again two protective screens to go through instead of one, but the protection is worth it.

my otter is still in perfect condition because of one reason. I never wanted to use it. It was too large, bulky and a pain in the butt to get out of your pocket. To me it wasnt enough protection for the pain to use the charge port, sound/vibrate and headphones.plus you run the risk of wear and tear ripping off the protective covers and then youre stuck with a 60 dollar case that doesnt offer too much protection.

for the extra $20 go with the lifeproof.worst come to worst you have to take off the mirrored screen protector. But the lifeproof worked for me.

My cousin and I both have the new iPhone 5. He bought an Otterbox for his, while I bought Lifeproof for mine. There are definitely pros and cons to both but this is my own opinion on the two.

The Otterbox is definitely bulky. If you carry your phone around in your pocket, it feels like you're carrying around a small brick. This isn't to say that the Otterbox doesn't do it's job. I have an Otterbox for my iPad and it's definitely protected it over the many times I've dropped it. Also, the Otterbox comes in a variety of designs/colors to choose from.

Lifeproof is more expensive but it's less bulky. When comparing our two phones, mine is considerably thinner than his phone. Lifeproof is also waterproof - where the Otterbox is not. Typing and selecting apps/icons/text isn't difficult one bit. The only Cons I see with Lifeproof are #1- it's sort of inconvenient when you're plugging in AUX cables or headphones. The Lifeproof comes with a screw-on lid for the headphone jack and an adapter type cord.So.you'll have to use that adapter cord if you want to play your music from your phone in your car. However the ear-buds that come with the iPhone itself fit in perfectly without the adapter. And #2- you might see a weird film on the outside of the phone's screen when you put your phone into the Lifeproof box, but it's not really noticeable unless you're looking for it.

I'd say if you're just worried about dropping it and you don't mind the bulkiness. Then just get the Otterbox. If you want something slimmer, and you're maybe a tad bit more paranoid of something happening to your phone (like I am) then pay the extra 20 bucks and go with Lifeproof. You can always return them if you don't like it!