IPhone 5 for verizon- wont connect to internet?

So for verizon to get a smartphone you need a data package, that i have purchased.

I activated my iphone 5 and I can make calls and whatnot, but it's not connected to the internet (not trying to connect to wifi, just to my network)

How do i make it so it has internet access?

If you just activated it… Try rebooting the iphone so it can re-register to the local cell tower… Work now?

if not, call Verizon *611

Well, if Data is on but says that you cannot connect to Internet, I would suggest turning on Airplane mode on and off. It's located on the settings icon. If that doesn't work, try to reset network by going to Settings, General, Reset, click on Reset Network settings. Note that whatever wifi networks you have connected in the past, you will have to reconnect them after applying the change. If all fails, then go to a Verizon store and ask them that what is wrong with the phone.