IPhone 5 iOS 7 fail and stuck on recovery mode, dont want data to be erased?

I tried updating my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 without Dev.account. It failed and now I'm stuck on Recovery Mode. I want to restore and downgrade, but I don't wanna lose all my media like photos, videos and apps. Any solution? Thanks

Take it to the apple store

You cant downgrade.
wait for the official release or get a $99 dev account

Actually, you should backup your iPhone 5 before the iOS 7 upgrade. In this case, there seems to be no solution to avoid the iPhone data loss unless you operate aright and carefully!

Personally, iOS beta is not good enough to use. So we had better to wait for the real iOS 7 that has been said to release at fall.

However, even you have no bakup and unfortunatelly to lose data from your iPhone 5, you can use something like a recover tool for iPhone to recover the erased data.

Here, Tenorshare iPhone data recovery is recommended. If needed, get it on google with "windows passwords recovery iPhone data recovery"

Good luck! Hope your iOS 7 downgrade success!

You need to get your device's UDID registered ASAP with a developer account, or your device could get disabled by Apple. I did mine at http://www.instantudid.com/ and I've been running iOS 7 without any problems on my 4S.