Iphone 5 is on shuffle but plays same song?

I put my IPhone 5 on shuffle and it keeps playing the same exact song over and over again. The only wait it plays a different song is if I physically change the song. How do I put my IPhone back to regular shuffle?

Here's a couple of suggestions:

First, make sure you're not only shuffling the contents of one album. IF the album it's repeating does not only have one song in it, don't bother trying this as a fix. If it does only have one song, then fix it by selecting the tab to view all songs instead, then pressing shuffle.

If the above isn't the problem then you most likely have it on 'repeat the same song'.To change this, tap on the album art of your song to open Playhead. Here you'll see a couple of icons. If the color of the race track icon is black, then it's set to repeat one song mode. You want to tap the race track looking icon so it turns blue(repeats songs in order), or black&white(does not repeat after list of songs is done), instead of just black.

Then, to set it to the actual shuffle mode, you want to tap the shuffle icon which will appear as two lines crossing with arrows. When you tap it, it will change colors. Black means you're setting it to play songs in order, while blue means you're setting it to randomly shuffle between songs.

You've got it set on loop mode, not shuffle. Press the shuffle symbol (or maybe it's another symbol on the other side - I can't remember now) to exit loop mode.