IPhone 5 stuck on apple logo, how do I fix it?

So I jailbroke my iPhone 5 (ios 6.1) with evasi0n a couple of months ago. I recently tried to update some packages on cydia, and upon respringing, I was faced with the apple logo. I tried hard-resetting by holding the sleep button and home button, and then I held down the + volume button, but it wouldn't enter safe mode. Is there any way to get the phone working again without restoring it?

And in case some people are wondering, yes, jailbreaking is legal on iPhones, and yes, this question follows the community guidelines for yahoo answers.

I hope someone can help me and thank you so much in advance!

To avoid losing your important data, you would need to find a way to uninstall these packages that are causing the boot error incompatibility

Back when I actually used apple products, I had the same thing, I just plugged my iPod into PC, downloaded some SSH into iPod software, and when I turned on my iPod the ssh software got a connection for a split second (before boot crashed) and I could still remove the crap files, so you will need to ssh (enter device files by PC, like ifile does on I devices) and remove the package with this method