IPhone 5 turned off randomly and won't turn back on :/?

So basically, I was waiting for the train to come. I called my friend and then after I called him, I accidentally tapped an app then it freeze. The next thing I knew it was turned off. I tried to turned it on but it did not help. I pressed the home button and the sleep button at the same time but it did not work. :/ Please help. By the way it's summer in my country, does that mean my phone overheated? But it wasn't hot when I touched it.

Please don't tell me I have to send it to Apple or else I will receive tons of swear words from my dad. :( I'm scaaaaaaaaaaared. What do I do?

Please help A. S.A.P

Don't just push the home button and the sleep button hold them down together while it is plugge into your charger and if that doesn't work call your phone carrier

Try hooking it to the power charger for a while and see if it powers on. If it does great. If it doesn't then there is no other help for you other than to take it to the nearest Apple Store to see if it can be fixed.

Since you didn't drop it or get it wet it is still covered under the warranty and as such your father shouldn't complain too much as it will not cost him a dime to get it fixed.

I know, My iPhone 4 conked out on me after a month of use. Took it to the Apple store, they doinked around with it for 10 minutes and finally came back and said that it was dead and that they're getting me a new one.

In and out time… 20 minutes.

press your home and sleep button together and hold it for 15seconds.

what happenes if it does not work then

iPhone 5 turns on but stays at screen that shows the apple logo, then turns off again