IPhone 5 won't connect to iTunes? - 1

I've tried everything, reinstalling iTunes, turning off my phone, the computer. I tried all three USB ports. I know my cable works because it works through my plug and my iPod touch connected and synced fine. I tried reinstalling my drivers, and it's not even charging my phone, let alone recognising it in My Computer.

My computer is windows 7 and this phone. Is brand new and works fine apart from that, and I don't know what it is. Can some help me, for the love of god.

Try this,
1. Change the year to 2013.
2. I fooled around with it a bit and kept getting the error so I set the date back again.
3. I got the error again so I set the date to automatic.
4. Again, the awesome error came up so I switched from the Update screen to Featured and then back again and THEN I was able to update.
Hope it will help you…